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Our website forum will be offline for awhile. It was hacked by some idiots who really don't have a life of any value; this is why they go around hacking forums...like somehow this is going to further their cause. The forum was completely restored with no data loss; however, I need to patch some security holes. Please keep in touch.

Show us your Bug!!!
Our visitor Bug photo galleries are now operational and open for business. Please log in to create a photo album of your beloved VW Beetle...show the world your baby.

We are happy to anouunce the launch of VWbug.com Discussion Forums. Please join-in and share your knowledge, stories, questions, and enthusiasm for the ever-popular VW Bug. We wish to create a comfortable online meeting place to make friends for lively discussions and information exchange. Please let me know if you find any problems with the website or forums. I hope you enjoy your visit.
Thanks!   Rich

A Pink Thing

Here's what is going on:

  • Featured Cars - Articles and photos of individual bugs, buggies, bajas, ghias, things, and mutants... whether it be custom, modified, or stock. If you have a cool ride that you'd like to have featured, please let us know; and if you're near Chicago or Southeastern Wisconsin, we can set-up a free photo shoot to get professional quality images. If you already have high quality photos, let us know, we'll design a layout to feature your ride.
  • Show Photos - From bikini contests to drag racing our VW show galleries have it all. We have been hittin' the mid-west (US) VW show circuit with cameras in hand. Check out the midwest VW scene.
  • Vintage Ads - Volkswagen print advertising and literature is renowned for it's high quality and innovative approach. We have been and are collecting vintage VW literature.
  • Vintage Photos - Old photos of VWs collected from around the world from a variety of sources. If you have old vintage photos or negative of Bugs, Ghias, Transporters, anything VW related, please let us know. We offer a free professional photo resoration service for these valuable images.
  • Books and Videos - Our recommened reading and viewing list.
  • Links - Your guide to online sources of parts, supplies, and technical information; as well as fan sites.
  • Guest Book - Please feel free to sign our guest book.
  • More to come...
    • Technical Articles
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    • Classified Ads
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