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Wanted: Cool Bugs, Buggies, Bajas, Ghias, Things, and VW mutants to feature in our photo gallery of VW coolness. Whether it be custom, modified, or stock; we are interested. If you happen to live near Chicagoland or Southeastern Wisconsin we can set up a photo shoot to get professional quality images; or if you already have high quality images, we'll design a layout around them. For more information... shoot me an Email:

Sport Utility Bug
Check out this heavy duty daily driver Sport Utility Bug.
Pink Thing
Wanna see a Pink Thing?
Check it out!
1963 Sunroof Beetle
Five shots of a slammed and silver 1963 sunroof Beetle, a real beauty. Check out the photos!
1956 Coral Red Beetle


  • Series Ten -- Ten photos of a beautiful coral red 1956 oval window Beetle. She is an un-restored and almost completely original beauty with ~57K miles on the clock.
  • Instant Cal-Look '56 Beetle -- Three interesting photos... The bumpers were temporarily removed to replace 45 year old rubber body seals. Without bumpers the beautiful uninterrupted body lines are magnificent. With the help of Photoshop, the bumper bracket holes were digitally edited out to give her a super clean characteristic Cal-Look.
  • Tail Light Lens -- a close up shot of an illuminated tail light lens from a '56 oval Beetle... Beetle art!
  • Beetle Cutaway -- An excellent illustration from the original "Instruction Manual" showing an oval Beetle cutaway. It features selectable image size for enlarged viewing.
  • Last Fweem of the Season -- Three cool photos taken the last time this Bug was on the road for 2001, just before the cold of winter sets in. You might ask... what is "fweem"? Well, it's that very unique sound of a stock aircooled VW engine, most typically associated with a Type 1 VW.
  • Wolfsburg Crest -- From the horn button on the '56 oval. Photoshop was used to mask out all but the essentail detail.
  • Wolfsburg Crest -- Bonnet badge i.e. on the front hood.
  • Virgin Oval Dash -- An Oval dash is a masterpiece of design and proportion. Here is a nice shot of a '56 Oval Beetle dash at wide angle.
  • Spring Fweeeeem -- Out fweeming on an early Spring day... enough to put a smile on your face.
New Jeans Bug
Silver Oval
Check out this beautifully restored 1955 Silver Oval Window Bug; it's a European model. This car was imported and sold by the folks at JoeCar.com; and they were kind enough to allow us to publish the photography. As you step through the gallery, please take note of the additional information added at the bottom of each frame. If this happens to be your Bug, shoot me an Email.

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